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This is a series of client testimonials with Bowen Therapy. Experiences of other clients are no guarantee for personal conditions and they present an indication of the possibilities which Bowen Therapy has to offer.

The testimonials are placed in a long list below which can be read sequentially, but by clicking on a condition a jump is made directly to this subject. Some testimonials relate to more conditions and in those cases is the testimonial grouped under the most significant one.

   Back pain (3x)    Stress
   Unequal leg length    M.E.
   Neck problems (2x)    Respiratory problems (2x)
   Shoulder problems (2x)    Allergies (2x)
   Whiplash (2x)    Constipation
   Knee problems (3x)    Diarrhoea
   Ankle problems (2x)    IBS
   Plantar Fasciitis    Stomach complaints (2x)
   Sports injury    Menstrual problems
   RSI    Pregnancy complaints (2x)
   Golfers elbow    Bedwetting
   Migraine (2x)    Chromosome disorder (2x)
   Jaw/ear pain    Breast lumps

The following special treatments are written by the Bowen Therapist.
Special treatment 1 - Baby girl R., 3 months, chromosome disorder, various conditions
Special treatment 2 - Male R., 35 year, car accident, various conditions

Back pain I

Female, 76 year
"I had chronic back problems, and after my first Bowen treatment I couldnít believe the relief I felt. I was able to walk without cane and after 3 treatments my friends were asking if Iíd had a hip replacement, ĎNoí, I told them, ĎI have had Bowen treatmentí. I have happily passed on the name of this therapy, which has helped me so much."

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Back pain II

Male, 46 year
"My profession is butcher, and I had had back problems for about 9 month when I undertook a treatment of Bowen. I had already been to various therapist including Osteos and Chiropractors. I had also paid over £ 600 for a MRI scan which really didnít show up much at all except wear and tear. After my first treatment I was told to walk a lot, and after my fourth session I was back at work and able to play golf again and have a life back, I would recommend it to anyone. I feel great!"

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Back pain III

Male, 54 year
"Playing golf is really one of the main things in my life, being retired. For the last few months though, I had been having pain when I rotated my body when swinging the club. This was really affecting my game and I couldnít relax and the ball was not going where I intended. A friend recommended Bowen. After a few sessions the pain is gone, my body feels balanced and I am playing so well now. My handicap has gone down to single figures, but I made the mistake of telling my golf friends about Bowen and they are now also improving their swing that way!"

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Unequal leg length

Female, 78 year
"I am an old lady of 78 and with back pain I went to the Bowen Therapist, who immediately noticed that I had build ups in my shoes. I had had them prescribed a couple of years ago. Also considerable difference in leg length was noticed. After doing some work on my pelvic area the therapist said this had somewhat began to correct itself and suggested the shoe build-ups might not be the right size now. Therefore I was told, if I would consider removing them for the moment and immediately make another appointment with the Podiatrist to re-assess it. I did do this and the Podiatrist did indeed see that they needed to be reduced. After another few sessions of Bowen my back completely settled down and I felt a lot more balanced when I walk."

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Neck problems I

Female, 60 year
"One of my friends recommended Bowen Therapy. I was used to Swedish massage, which feels very deep. So I was disappointed when this therapist only made a few moves and left the room. My first thought was Ďwell this is a waste of timeí. I did go back though the next week because, although I wasnít sure it was the treatment, my shoulders and neck felt remarkably better. The therapsit remarked on the difference of how the muscles felt and asked me, knowing I was very sceptic, how perhaps I was surprised? I still donít know how it works, but if I need to I will go back."

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Neck problems II

Male, 57 year
"I own a chain of menís clothing shops and have suffered from back-ache and a stiff neck for years. For example, driving was generally uncomfortable, getting out of the car painful, and I always had a sore back after gardening. Cycling was little pleasure, as my shoulders and arms ached all the time. A year ago, I had my first session of Bowen Therapy, and noticed an improvement immediately. After four visits, I was totally transformed. No pain, and life was fun again. It's a miracle, and I am now recommending my Bowen Therapist to all my friends who have problems. I now go there for regular treatments every 4 or 5 weeks to keep me in shape. For me, Bowen Therapy has been a life-changing experience."

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Shoulder problems I

Female, 54 year
"I have regular Bowen treatments for back pain. I decided in view of my line of work in a nursing home, which is still quite physical, I would continue to have treatment on a monthly basis. On one of my visits I mentioned that I had strained my shoulder trying to prevent a patient from falling. The therapist did some work on it and suggested another visit in between my monthly one. I was given some exercises to do and sure enough by that monthly visit, it had gone. I am always amazed at how diverse Bowen is. I really hadnít thought Bowen Therapy could help with my shoulder as I only related to it as the way to keep my back in order. Another occasion Iíd staved my thumb and it was swollen. The therapist worked on it, gave me instructions to put a apple cider vinegar dressing on and the next day both the swelling as the pain were gone!"

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Shoulder problems II

Female, 55 year
"We had the Bowen Therapist invited to the local meeting center to demonstrate this therapy to the Ladies Rural Group. It was an interesting talk then volunteers were necessary to demonstrate on. I have had neck and upper back problems for years, so I volunteered. I had to show everyone my range of movement in the neck so they could judge any differences. The therapist just did a few small moves and the difference after just 15 minutes was amazing. I could look over my shoulder, (always a problem reversing the car!) and my neck just felt loose. I decided I had to follow up on this and after another few sessions the neck was sorted out as well as a long-standing back problem."

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Whiplash I

Female, 49 year
"I was on the look out for a replacement for my Physiotherapist who had had an accident and couldnít work anymore. I finally ended up with a Bowen Therapist. I was told to have an open mind as Bowen Therapy works in a much gentler way as I probably was used to at the Physiotherapist. I had had a real bad accident some years ago when a heavy box fell on my head, which resulted in a whiplash injury. The difference after 3 or 4 treatments was wonderful. I am a lot looser around upper back and neck and have no more headaches. I had my bi-monthly appointment with my Chiropractor who was amazed at how loose my muscles were. I had felt it myself but for the Chiropractor to remark on such a differenceÖ I can certainly recommend this painless therapy to everyone."

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Whiplash II

Male, 42 year
"I was at a Health Fair when I first was introduced to Bowen Therapy and the demonstrating therapist asked my main complaints. I had had a car accident 3 years before and I suffer from a whiplash injury since. I was asked if I had headaches too, which I did get very often. The therapist treated me, which although it didnít get rid of all my troubles, gave me enough relief to consider the hour drive one-way to follow up my treatment with another session. After about 5-6 sessions in which she concentrated on my neck, shoulders and jaw, the headaches have completely disappeared and my neck and shoulders feel great."

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Knee problems I

Mother about her daughter, 9 year
"I brought my daughter L. to visit the local Bowen Therapist as friends had already had great results from using this therapy. My daughter had very sore knees. She does a lot of country and tap dancing and she really didnít want to think about giving it up. The therapist managed to relieve the pain (likely growing pains) and advised her to dance a bit less when problems were evident. Thanks to a treatment every few months, L. was able to keep dancing all the time. She indeed seems to have grown out of it now."

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Knee problems II

Female, 30 year
"Being a keen runner, I went to see the Bowen Therapist with pain in my knees. After consultation and assessment I was asked if I also had back pain. I answered Ďnoí, but the difference in my back when I walked out after the session was incredible. I then remembered slipping in the mud weeks before and my back had indeed been sore for a time and then the pain seemed to disappear. The next session the therapist suggested I had possibly damaged my back at that slip, and was therefore putting added stress on to the knees. The therapist recommended temporarily less running and more swimming (front crawl) to relieve the knees. I was so much better, that now lots of my sporting friends have been treated too."

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Knee problems III

Male, 32 year
"At the football club where Iím a coach, we had invited a Bowen Therapist to give a demonstration, as we didnít have anyone taking care of injuries. My knees were demonstrated on and I just couldnít believe this had actually altered the way I walk, normally hen toed (feet facing inwards) but all of a sudden when I walked out that night I was walking straight! Donít know how that worked and I thought it was a peculiar treatment but it seems to work."

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Ankle problems I

Male, 35 year
"I had a bad car accident a few years ago. Among others, it affected my walking, speech and left arm. I thought I would try Bowen after my Massage Therapist (who has had a Bowen treatment done) said it might help, as it works on the brain-muscle communication. Bowen really improved my walking so much. Before the treatment, I couldnít flex my foot toward my shin and this lack of movement affected my way of walking. After a few sessions this really improved so much and the therapist also helped with my other problems." (see also "Special case-studies")

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Ankle problems II

Female, 34 year
"While out dancing I went over on my ankle, it was so painful. A friend said she had her Bowen Therapist and went to find this person and bring her to me. The therapist made sure I hadnít broken anything then did a few tiny moves and that was that. Also I was advised a doctors visit when the pain didnít disappear. Next day, there was no swelling at all! My ankle looked purple/yellow (more like an older injury) and it was still a bit painful. So I decided to go to the Doctor who said I had torn the ligaments. He was also amazed how positive it looked. Since I work in a swimming pool, I know from experience what such an injury would normally look like the next day. It seemed Bowen helps speed up the recovery rate and so I had a few more Bowen treatments and was very pleased how quick my ankle problems were resolved."

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Plantar Fasciitis

Female, 38 year
"I am a schoolteacher and on my feet all day. I have suffered from inflammation of the plantar fascia (plantar fasciitis) for years, but the last couple of months it got much worse. So, I did some research on the internet and discovered that Bowen Therapy might help for this condition. I made an appointment and after 4 treatments I was so much better. The therapist mainly worked on my lower body and also applied a strapping to my ankles. I can certainly recommend this treatment; it was very relaxing as well as so effective."

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Sports injury

Male, 34 year
"Iím a rugby player and hurt my back during a game. Iím 34 years of age and play most weeks, but the pain was so bad that I couldnít play the last 2 months. I knew Iíd only make it worse doing so and decided I better do something about it. When the Bowen Therapist worked on me all the things she did on my left side were tender. The therapist said there was quite a leg length difference and that all the muscles on the left seemed to be in spasm. I was treated and also given some stretches to do and by the 3rd session I was able to do some real gentle exercise. By 5th I was back playing my game. I have had similar injuries in the past and this is the quickest recovery yet. At first I had been a bit in doubt about the treatment: so gentle, how could that ever work? But now Iíd certainly go back if I get any more injuries."

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Male, 56 year
"I sit in front of a computer most of the day. I developed RSI and had terrible pain in my right elbow. I had a couple of Bowen treatments and that put an end to the trouble, I top it up every month or so as prevention, since my work really doesnít help and I get a lot of neck tension too. Its real relaxing and enjoyable so I find it a good de-stress."

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Golfers elbow

Male, 55 year
"For the past year Iíve had a golfers elbow. I play regularly and this was of course very much interfering with my game. I had four treatments of Bowen where my neck and elbow were treated. This made an unbelievable difference and I am now back to my old level of playing!"

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Migraine I

Male, 40 year
"I am 40 years of age and suffered from migraine headaches at least once a week, sometimes more. I tried Bowen Therapy, not really expecting much results but the therapist done something with my jaw and I havenít been bothered much since, I continue to have a treatment once a month as I do have a very stressful job and it also releases any neck and shoulder tension."

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Migraine II

Male, 36 year
"Iíve suffered migraines for years now. Iíve had every kind of test done and although stress does contribute, there doesnít seem any particular trigger. Also in more relaxed periods of my life Iíve headaches, although less frequent. I tried Bowen as a last resort, and I must say for me itís the most effective therapy I tried so far. The therapist does some procedures on my neck and jaw and that seems to keep the headaches under control. I havenít needed my injections anymore since I started this Bowen Therapy."

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Jaw/ear pain

Female, 38 year
"Since the birth of my last child Iíve had migraine and jaw pain, especially when I ovulate and when I am pre- menstrual. I have two treatments a month now, just before these times. The jaw pain is almost gone now and I no longer have the annoying migraines."

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Female, 48 year
"I came to see the Bowen Therapist as stress in my job at a bank was starting to cause me emotional and physical problems. My upper back was so tight that I was beginning to develop the old ladies stooped back. Up to then I dedicated my life to my work and it started telling on my body. The therapist worked on my back and this soon loosened up over a few weeks. Also my opinion about my job seemed to change and I realised, that I wasn't indispensable. I started to do my work more relaxed and although I still did my work well, I didn't live and breathe for it solely. I started taking more holidays and enjoyed life more. My body now is much more supple and I feel Iím a happier person. Bowen seemed to have worked on all my levels and gave me balance in aspect of life!"

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Female, 39 year
"Having suffered M.E. for years now, I have tried all sorts of therapies by now. My energy system is so low that I canít work anymore. Although I still lack energy, I feel Bowen has indeed helped me lots to increase my energy level and thus my quality of life. As a positive side-effect, also my upper back pain seems to have disappeared."

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Respiratory problems I

Mother about her daughter, 14 year
"I brought my daughter who is now 14 to have a session with the Bowen Therapist to help with respiratory problems. She has had problems since very little, her peak flow wasnít very good and was encouraged to give up dairy products (and chocolate!) which she managed to do quite well, within a couple of months she was off her usual medication (with GPís approval) and hasnít had any breathing problems now except when she gets a cold and another treatment usually resolves that."

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Respiratory problems II

Female, 34 year
"I have been seeing the Bowen Therapist for 2 years now, as my work as a hairdresser is hard on my back and neck area. I'm going for a therapy session once a month now and last month I was finding breathing difficult and having to use my inhalers more often as normal. The therapist noticed my laboured breathing and suggested concentrating on that this particular visit. To help this condition to improve further, it was suggested to wear a mask when cleaning my horses out for the dust in the hay. The treatments and this extra protection together have taken away the need for my inhalers for 4 months now."

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Allergies I

Female, 58 year
"I had had a few Bowen treatments already to help me with my back and knee problems which improved considerably. But the therapists thought that a food allergy could be hindering more recovering. When after some testing I stopped using yeast, wheat and dairy, my general energy and health improved and now I feel much better overall."

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Allergies II

Female, 20 year
"I have my own horse and dogs and attended the Bowen Therapist originally for a shoulder complaint, which quickly was resolved. But I also had breathing problems and I had some testing done to establish more about possible allergies. My animals were no problem thankfully, but I appeared to be allergic to dairy and one of the kinds of medication I was taking. I asked my GP for an alternative medicine and kept of dairy as much as possible. Result: my breathing was amazingly better."

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Mother about her daughter, 3 year
"I took my 3 year old daughter for Bowen as she had real bad constipation, after initial treatment it was a good bit better but after the second, it cleared up altogether, I was told children respond remarkably well to this treatment but I didnít expect so easily!"

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Female, 41 year
"One of my friends does Bowen Therapy. While visiting I told Iíd had diarrhoea for about 10 days. The therapist asked me to lie down on the bed, gave me a treatment and urged me to drink lots of water and I almost couldnít believe it, but it finally stopped that very day and didnít return."

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Female, 28 year
"Iím a hairdresser and one of my clients practices Bowen. I told I had suffered IBS ever since picking up a virus in Turkey and that I was lucky if my bowels moved twice a week. I would get very bloated and had noticed dairy products made it ten times worse. The therapist did me a couple of treatments and itís now completely gone, my bowels move on a daily base now (not weekly like before). And as a bonus, I can eat ice cream now!"

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Stomach complaints I

Female, 36 year
"I have suffered with oesophagitis (inflammation of the gullet) for years. I had medication to help but still there seems to be a reflux from the stomach and that burns. After two treatments of Bowen it started to improve and another few took it away completely. In consultation with my GP Iím even off medication now."

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Stomach complaints II

Mother about her daughter, 3 months
"My daughter R. had many problems, one being reflux from her stomach. Her feed, mothers milk as well as from a bottle, refluxed and she often had milk coming from out her nose. The therapist was treating for that and the other complaints she had, but this one corrected itself very early stage of the total treatment." (see also "Special case-studies")

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Menstrual problems

Female, 34 year
"I suffered PMT badly, have two children and a husband who really had a hard time each month. I got bloated and had sore breasts the week before my period. My moods were awful and I felt sorry for my poor husband, but seemed unable to change the way how I felt. I went to try Bowen and got a few sessions. My breast swelling considerably reduced as well as the pain, my period was lighter and my hormones just more balanced. My husband insists I keep going once a month for a session, as also his life is so much sweeter, especially the week before my period."

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Pregnancy complaints I

Female, 30 year
"Back pain from the weight in front of me was causing a discomfort, as was indigestion. Since I couldnít lie down, she treated me seated. The therapist helped me in a few treatments to make my pregnancy much easier, so I could enjoy this period again."

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Pregnancy complaints II

Female, 28 year
"After delivering my first child I suffered from a sore pelvis. With my second pregnancy this started already before giving birth. The pain started in my hip, next my pubic bone and at the end also my coccyx. Often I went to bed early, because I didnít know anymore how to sit up and lying down was more comfortable. Shortly before I would deliver I got a chance to try Bowen Therapy. A little bit improvised (after all, I couldnít lie down on my belly anymore) I did one session. Immediately after the treatment the pain was gone. The day after I even went shopping, something which normally wasnít without painful consequences. Though this time, not a single complaint! The remaining two weeks till the delivery I have been free of pain and by now I have delivered a healthy boy. When my pelvis plays up again, I know where to go."

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Mother about her son, 9 year
"My son was still wetting his bed regularly when he was 9 years of age. Hoping that this would help him (and me) I tried Bowen. After the first session he had one dry night and the treatment was repeated a few times until he was dry practically all nights. It solved almost all his bed wetting problems and he only revert to bed wetting if he was really stressed about something (for example when he had to move classes in school)."

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Chromosome disorder I

Mother about her daughter, 3 months
"My 3 month old daughter has a chromosome disorder and due to that had a lot of problems. She had little or no head control, feet talipes (feet turn in and on toes), and was generally not a happy little girl. The difference the treatment made was incredible. First the control of her head improved greatly, the foot talipes virtually disappeared and she was altogether a happier child. My mother, her grandmother remarked: ĎItís as if someone has switched the light on in her eyesí." (see also "Special case-studies")

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Chromosome disorder II

Mother about her son, 5 year
"My son G. has a chromosome disorder and was 5 years old when I called a Bowen Therapist to help him. At first, I really thought Bowen was to replace his usual Physiotherapy and didnít realise Bowen addresses the brain/muscle connection, as I learned at the first visit. G. was only able to sit up statically and hence we placed his toys usually directly around him; that was as far as he could reach. After a few treatments he began bottom shuffling and a new world was opening to him, he could get into cupboards and all sorts of things where we didnít have to be careful about before. His attitude changed and he was more adventurous and confident as ever. He began communicating a bit better and we let him start at a local school. I believe Bowen helped to give my little boy a bit of life and made life certainly more enjoyable for him."

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Breast lumps

Female, 36 year
"I discovered breast lumps so my Doctor had referred me to a Specialist. I had to wait to get this appointment and meanwhile he asked that I had a mammogram. A friend said to try Bowen in the meantime so I did. The therapist ensured that I had been to my GP for examination of the lumps before starting the treatment. After the second session I didnít know if it was my imagination or had the lumps really reduced? The appointment with the Specialist came and he showed me the mammogram and pointed to where it showed the lumps. But he couldnít find them anymore! I told him I had had Bowen treatment, which he had never heard of. Apparently the lumps had gone and he discharged me after another checkup in a next visit."

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Special treatment 1
Baby girl R., 3 months, chromosome disorder, various conditions

R. first came to me when she was 3 months old. She had a very rare chromosome disorder. The main complaint was lack of head control, which by this age should have been far better. She also had foot talipes (turned in feet and possibly would walk on tiptoes later) and some other problems, one being her feed (both mothers milk as well as from a bottle) refluxed from her stomach and she often had milk coming from out her nose.

Her first treatment went well and the following week her mother told me that when she picked her out her carrying chair, R. had complete head control and even turned her head to the right. Her father bursted out crying seeing this. That was the best her head control had ever been and a sign to them to stick with this treatment. Besides that, the reflux problem was disappeared suddenly.

Weeks followed. Her Granny said that from the first day it was as if somebody had switched the lights on for her granddaughter. She was more aware of everything around her now and not so distant anymore. Also her hearing had improved.

Her foot talipes seemed to have disappeared after I did some work on her pelvis. I commented on this and her Granny said she also had noticed, or in fact no longer noticed her feet being turned in. The pediatrician confirmed this during her next visit there: ďWhere did her foot disorders go?Ē

I believe, that possibly during the birthing process the pelvis of the baby had been affected and Bowen Therapy had taken it back to the bodyís blueprint how it should be.

Her neck was also worked on during the treatment and although it never improved with such a big jump as that first day, she could now hold her head up by herself continuously, if a little wobbly.

When she was about 5Ĺ months, R. took unfortunately meningitis. She was very ill and once out of the hospital, she was to return every week to assess the amount of fluid in her head. I did do a few procedures on her head and the following week, the people in the hospital treating her, were so surprised: all fluid had suddenly gone and therefore they didnít need to see her again.

Also the doctor who discharged her for the fluid problem appeared to have examined her, thinking she was a completely healthy baby. He wasnít aware of her chromosome disorder and the R.ís mother was overjoyed as months earlier it was so apparent this baby had major problems.

Altogether, she is a much happier little girl now. So, thank you Tom Bowen for this wonderful life changing therapy!

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Special treatment 2
Male R., 35 year, car accident, various conditions

R. was involved in a severe car accident 3 years before he came to see me. He had injured his head, which resulted in his left side being affected.

His walking was IOP sided and his left hand turned in towards the body and didnít have much strength anymore. On top of that, he spoke slow and he had trouble getting the right words to his mind, which frustrated him.

Originally he came, wanting the hand sorted out. But, as we see often when Bowen Therapy is applied, the body decides Ďwhatí it will work on first and nobody can change that.

His walking got the highest priority and I worked for that on his pelvis and ankles. He regained dorsi-flexion (ability to pull foot towards the leg from flat on the ground). Along with balancing the pelvis, this really improved his walking: from a profound imbalance to just a limp. When in public, he now didnít attract all attention to him anymore.

Next his speech started improving and he no longer suffered from the frustration that words werenít coming to mind. He was so excited about this, that you hardly could stop him chatting!

Alas, his hand where he originally came for improve just slightly. I guess the brain-nerve connections involved were beyond repair there. But overall he really has a better quality of life now and has even been traveling around Australia.

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